Data Analytics. Everywhere

With 44 zettabytes of data in the world, organizations are poised with the question: why do they need so much data if they don’t know how to use it? We know the answer.

We are a data analytics consultancy perfectly positioned to offer you a comprehensive scope of services across diverse analytical products.

Step up on a new level of managing your data

While making decisions a company needs to use proved facts. That’s where modern analytical solutions come into place.

Top managers use dashboards with data to oversee the current situation in real time and make decisions faster.

BI systems collect information from multiple sources, process it and present the data on the company operations in a convenient form.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence help analyze data more profoundly, look for insights and predict outcomes.

Comprehensive Data Governance tools streamline all data management processes, identify interconnections and appoint key data owners.

Data education courses and trainings focus on working with data in a literate way, leveraging the power of technology.

In short, data analytics helps you become more efficient.

  • Forecasting demand
    How will your sales be affected by season, time and other factors? Be flexible with your business processes.
  • Influencing your KPIs
    Use the full force of data and predictive analysis for forecasting your performance.
  • Optimizing your marketing
    Split your marketing budget according to verified data. Switch engagement channels and audience to achieve best results.
  • Investing into your customer intelligence
    Let your clients enjoy your services and products. Introduce new loyalty features and personalization options.

supporting you across the full analytics lifecycle

We are connecting the dots between your strategy, your operational teams, and your analytics to unleash the full potential that data can bring to your organization.

  • Business Intelligence

    Business intelligence (BI) is a key data-driven process of understanding your business. It helps organizations make better decisions based on real-time information by displaying current and historical data on their operations. Reporting available in BI systems allows companies to keep track of their performance and make better-informed decisions.

  • Data Warehousing

    Data Warehouses are a vital component of business intelligence. A data warehouse stores data from multiple sources in a single location. New data can be periodically added by people across organization thus becoming a library of historical data to be retrieved and analyzed in order to inform decision-making in the business.

  • Data Governance

    Data governance is a concept that ensures data is secure, private, accurate, available, and usable. It includes all the actions employees should take, the processes they should follow, and the technology that supports them throughout the data life cycle (Data Quality, Data Lineage, Business Glossary, etc).

  • ML, Big Data and Data Engineering

    Solutions based on ML and Big Data can generate insights from raw data. These tools are used in a number of cases to forecast demand and customer behaviour, prevent fraud and raise sales efficiency.

  • Data Literacy Trainings

    We carefully design educational projects on data visualization skills and modern technologies – from hands-on trainings on Qlik and Microsoft, profound open source topics to full-scale data marathons.

Accurate Data in all Verticals

Our success is based on deep industry expertise of our experts. With more that 20 years of background in key verticals, they are well set to design a data analytics solution which takes into account all the industry specifics.

We are proud to have a number of data analytics projects in retail, manufacturing, transport and logistics, pharmaceutical and oil&gas.

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
Microsoft Power BI
Microsoft SQL Server
Qlik Sense
SAS Enterprise Miner
SAS Customer Intelligence
SAS Visual Data Mining and Machine Learning
SAS Visual Analytics
Apache AirFlow
SAS Visual Statistics
SAS Credit Scoring
SAP Business Objects
SAP Business Warehouse
Oracle Business Intelligence
Oracle Database
Informatica PowerCenter
IBM DataStage
IBM Unica
Apache Spark
Spark MLlib
Python & R

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