With 44 zettabytes of data in the world, organizations are poised with the question: why do they need so much data if they don’t know how to use it?
We know the answer.
Who we are
We are a data analytics company. With decades of experience, we strive to serve our clients and deliver tangible business results.
  • We offer expertise in data analytics
    • 100+ analytical solutions across functions and industries
    • A wide range of services starting from methodology and to turn-key solutions
  • We work with highly qualified specialists
    • Leadership and implementation team with a versatile skillset and decades of experience in BI / DWH / DG / ML / AI data projects
    • Business specialists with expertise in your industry
  • We put customer needs first
    • Working with multiple vendors and putting client’s needs first by choosing best-of-breed solutions
    • Using proven methodologies and constantly improving them to deliver tangible business results
  • We deliver tangible results
    • Offering flexible engagement models
    • Basing our offers on knowledge of business domains and top-notch technology

Supporting you across the full analytics lifecycle
We are connecting the dots between your strategy, operational teams, and your analytics to unleash the full potential that data can bring to your organization.
Forecasting demand
How will your sales be affected by season, time and other factors? Be flexible with your business processes.
Investing into your customer intelligence
Let your clients enjoy your services and products. Introduce new loyalty features and personalization options.
Influencing your KPIs
Use the full force of data and predictive analysis for predicting your performance.
Optimizing your marketing
Split your marketing budget according to verified data. Switch engagement channels and audience to achieve best results.
Accurate data in all verticals
Our success is based on deep industry expertise of our experts. With more than 20 years of background in key verticals, they are well set to design a data analytics solution which takes into account all the industry specifics.

Unified system for control and monitoring of KPIs for a transport company
Large railways transport company with 166,895 freight cars, 30,000 passenger cars, more than 1,000,000 employees.

  • Development of single methodology, formalization and standardization of KPIs
  • Definition of data sources, owners and rule for calculation of KPIs
  • Development of data model
  • Design of data storage and the whole chain of data load
  • Development of integration mechanism, storage layers and data marts
  • Implementation of analytical reporting system for a top management and then for all business units of the transport holding company.

Business domains:
Freight logistics, Passengers logistics, Infrastructure maintenance, Cars’ maintenance, Technological violations, Economics and Finance, Procurement, Transport security KPIs, Monitoring of transport accidents, Investments, HR, Tasks.

  • 56 data sources
  • 4000+ users
  • 404 role groups
  • 445 dashboards
  • 78 business units
Demand forecasting and promo budgets optimization for pharmaceutical manufacturer
Large pharmaceutical manufacturer

Demand forecasting service:
  • Developing ML forecasting models on brands/goods
  • Using set parameters:brand, pharmaceutical form, separate SKU; territory; time intervals; monetary or physical terms
  • Defining and using other influencing factors (regressing factors) to fine-tune forecasts (target markets, competitors, sales, etc)
  • Quickly accessing the result of forecasting (maximum five minutes per model)
  • Exporting results in a convenient form or analyzing them in charts inside the solution
  • Promptly getting the result: importing data, starting calculations, getting a forecast.
Sales reporting system in grocery retail
Large retail chain with more than 230 hypermarkets and 95 supermarkets

  • Demand for monitoring the chain’s operations on a daily basis
  • Cost reduction for preparation of the regular reporting
  • Cost reduction for analysis and reporting for business users
  • Forecasting promo demand in order to avoid overstock and out-of-stock.

Business domains:
  • Commercial P&L,
  • Sales,
  • SLA with suppliers,
  • Goods availability, stocks,
  • Costs, staff efficiency.

  • New architecture of the analytical solution to analyze large volume of data (daily transactions).
  • A number of reports and dashboards for daily monitoring of the chain’s operations with 500+ users.
  • ML-based model forecasts demand for promo goods in each point of sales.
  • Forecast for a number of stores (15 000 SKUs)
  • +13% forecast accuracy growth
  • Forecasting time in10 seconds.
Analytical reporting for banking
Large financial services institution

Business domains:
Bank strategy, profit centers accounting, financial data, strategy Ggroups, RWA capital, customer relations, project finances, risks & monitoring, digital business.

  • Development of the united database for KPIs and rules of their calculation.
  • Scaling the system for other bank’s units and business domains.
  • Participation in the development of mobile analytics and reporting for department of integrated risk management.
  • Development of analytical dashboards of Digital Business department.
  • Development of dashboards for business unit of regulation of financial operations.